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Until people and business understand their rights and obligations, they will never know when they are violated. The first step to justice is understanding your Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures. Hence, SabiLaw is always willing to facilitate a legal outreach program in your community, school, market, business and network to promote legal awareness on any area relevant to you.
It is a sure way to promote civic education, legal rights, duties and obligations among participants and ensure more legally informed decisions, increase legal compliance and decrease legal mistakes and crimes.
Generally, at SabiLaw Legal Outreach Programs, we provide easy-to-understand learning materials, we teach participants and provide professional legal advice via our mobile legal clinic and lots of other services and materials.
If you want us to facilitate a SabiLaw Legal Outreach Program in your place, kindly complete the form below. Our team will contact you. The form can only be completed by a person of authority in a desired location for Legal Outreach Program.

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