Rights Training Institute

Since the understanding of law, rights, and duties is for everyone, we design and train non-lawyers for free on selected rights and laws. We train participants in short certificate courses on basic areas of law. We conduct Legal Needs Assessments to discover core needed areas of laws/rights. Courses are delivered in physical locations and virtually under our #RightsTrainingInstitute.

Our common courses are;
a. Human Rights In Nigeria
b. Women/Wives Rights In Nigeria
c. Marriage In Nigeria
d. Child Abuse and Remedies
e. Domestic Violence and Remedies
f. Workers Rights In Nigeria
g. Business Registration and Regulation in Nigeria
h. Business Licenses and Licensing in Nigeria
i. Child, Wife and Husband Rights
j. Medical Negligence and Rights in Nigeria
k. Human Rights in Nigeria
l. Rights of a Tenant and a Landlord in Nigeria
m. Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria
n. Tax Avoidance and Reduction in Nigeria
o. Employers and Employees Rights in Nigeria
p. Land Transactions in Nigeria
q. Exportation and Importation Guide in Nigeria
r. Trade Mark, Brands, Inventions and Creations Registration
s. Contract Making (Basic Agreement Skills)
t. Levies and Charges; Legal and Illegal Payments
u. Preliminary Dispute Resolution Skill
v. Dispute Prevention Skills
w. Debt Recovery In Nigeria
x. Filling of law suits
y. Rain making and Lawyers Billing Systems.

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