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To achieve our vision (a Nigeria where all persons understand and enforce their rights and duties) through our mission (to inform, guide and empower all persons in Nigeria on their Rights, Duties, Remedies and Enforcement Procedures), we invest our resources and collaborations on programs focusing on our Six (6) thematic areas:

  1. Legal Literacy
  2. Legal and Social Research
  3. Legal Publishing and Publicizing
  4. Pre-Trial Detention & Prison Decongestion
  5. Free Legal Services for indigent Nigerians
  6. Public Interest Litigation

Our projects include the following:

  1. DAILY LAW TIPS:                          

A free daily publication on rights and laws with over 800 publications. Every weekday, we give free tips on laws, rights, duties, procedures and legal remedies available in Nigeria through our #DailyLawTips project. Our special editions focusing on domestic violence, human rights and criminal law are published under #SabiHumanRights and #CriminalJusticeMonday titles. Specialised editions on business, investment, property and related issues are published under our #SabiBusinessLaw title. To support electoral processes, our specialized editions on election laws and processes are published under our #SabiElectionLaws title.  The publications are intentionally written in simple English Language to ensure more people are reached. We share our DAILY LAW TIPS for free to promote understanding of rights, duties, and laws via several social media platforms and websites.



We research, write and publicize law articles on laws, rights, duties, procedures and legal remedies available in Nigeria using simple English language with a mind to reach more non-lawyers. We have dedicated categories on Human Rights, Family Law, Criminal Law, Business Law, Tenancy Law, Energy Law, Entertainment Law, Land Law, Tech Law and Law in Practice. We share our LAW ARTICLES for free to promote understanding of rights and law via several social media platforms and websites.



We create, publish and publicize very informative videos on laws, rights, duties, procedures and legal remedies. This includes our radio and television programs, podcasts, interviews and publications on YouTube. We share the videos for free to promote understanding of rights and law via several social media platforms and websites.



We offer free public lectures to promote legal awareness of rights, duties, laws and remedies. With over 40 lectures under the Series, we have trained several groups, including; law enforcement agencies, women’s organizations, professional associations, student groups, charity organizations, businesses, institutions/schools, communities and virtual groups on laws relevant to them and their needs. We share copies of our lecture materials for free to promote understanding of rights and law via several social media platforms and websites.



Since the understanding of law, rights, and duties is for everyone, we design and train non-lawyers for free on selected rights and laws. We train participants in short certificate courses on basic areas of law. We conduct Legal Needs Assessments to discover core needed areas of laws/rights. Courses are delivered in physical locations and virtually under our #RightsTrainingInstitute. Our common courses are;

    1. Human Rights In Nigeria
    2. Women/Wives Rights In Nigeria
    3. Marriage In Nigeria
    4. Child Abuse and Remedies
    5. Domestic Violence and Remedies
    6. Workers Rights In Nigeria
    7. Business Registration and Regulation in Nigeria
    8. Business Licenses and Licensing in Nigeria
    9. Child, Wife and Husband Rights
    10. Medical Negligence and Rights in Nigeria
    11. Human Rights in Nigeria
    12. Rights of a Tenant and a Landlord in Nigeria
    13. Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria
    14. Tax Avoidance and Reduction in Nigeria
    15. Employers and Employees Rights in Nigeria
    16. Land Transactions in Nigeria
    17. Exportation and Importation Guide in Nigeria
    18. Trade Mark, Brands, Inventions and Creations Registration
    19. Contract Making (Basic Agreement Skills)
    20. Levies and Charges; Legal and Illegal Payments
    21. Preliminary Dispute Resolution Skill
    22. Dispute Prevention Skills
    23. Debt Recovery In Nigeria
    24. Filling of law suits
    25. Rain making and Lawyers Billing Systems.



Law is dynamic and grows with society. Hence, we constantly alert Nigerians on new and obscure legislation’s, regulations and bye-laws under our Laws/Regulation Page. We provide Nigerians and businesses prompt alerts on new laws, regulations and decisions that may affect their rights, duties, investments and businesses. We research and publish reports on new Laws, Regulations and Supreme court decisions under our #NewLawAlert project. Some old laws are still not easily accessible online, so we provide copies of such laws/regulations, that we consider not available online under our #FreeLawCopies project. We share our NEW LAW ALERT works for free to promote understanding of rights and law via several social media platforms and websites.



This merge of entertainment and legal awareness consistently engage Nigerian youths. It is an online competition where a participant makes one-minute video of himself/herself or a group talking about a chosen law/right, shares and promotes it, to win cash prize and lots of gifts. Videos are uploaded on social media platforms, and the video with the highest likes wins a cash price of N50, 000.00 (111.96 EUR), a certificate of recognition and lots of branded materials. The premier edition (June 2018 edition) was won by a participant in Ebonyi State (South East of Nigeria), and the following edition was won by a participant in Ibadan (South West of Nigeria). Join in the next round and have fun. There is no participation fee, it is FREE.



Our free legal awareness radio talk show airs on the BeatFm Abuja’s (97.9FM Abuja) during #MorningRush by 8:55 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We give insights into the rights and duties of persons in Nigeria and expose new and obscure legislation’s under our #SabiLawBeatFm. The show airs at a peak period when workers and families commute to work and more people listen to the radio. The BeatFm Radio Station covers Abuja and neighboring states.



There can only be meaningful intervention with data, so research sits at the center of every social intervention. Hence, we invest in legal and social research to understand the interactions and impact of several variables in our societies. We conduct Legal Needs Assessments for projects and measure post-intervention legal literacy and impact.  We provide technical support for research and data analysis, including Data Collection, Cleaning, Analysis and Report Writing. We collaborate with organizations to handle their programs’ legal and social research and analysis components.



With the growing need for increasing legal literacy, many social interventions have legal education and awareness components. With over a decade of experience in legal education and awareness and a huge database of publications, SabiLaw Foundation collaborates and provides technical support for programs and projects that focus on legal education and awareness.



Aside from our projects on increasing legal literacy, we have interventions focusing on improving pre-trial detention and prison decongestion. We partner and collaborate with organizations on projects that focus on pre-trial detention and prison decongestion. Every year, we focus on supporting 12 inmates or indigent Nigerians to access justice through the law courts in our 12 FOR 12 JUSTICE PROJECT. The 12 FOR 12 PROJECT is initiated to commemorate the registration of the SabiLaw Foundation in the twelfth month (December) of 2019 in Nigeria.



With a spike in the cost of legal services, unreliable court and poor solicitor-to-client ratio in Nigeria, most legal problems may never get to the court, remain unresolved and at best, be wished away. Hence, most public interest legal problems are in dire need of attention. Under our JUSTICE FOR NIGERIANS PROJECT, we are committed to undertaking and prosecuting public interest cases for the common good of Nigeria and Nigerians.

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